Red Headed Love

  Red Headed Love


Reiki is self-healing. Healing is that the action by that the body repairs itself and restores health to its natural condition. The body cells area unit rejuvenated, previous toxins and emotions area unit free and replaced by new life. once a treatment individuals ordinarily say: “I feel rested, I feel vitalised. I feel whole. I feel good”. Healing is that the act of obtaining obviate all imbalances and making harmony with the soul. that’s Reiki healing, that’s the healing that you just will expect once one or many Reiki sessions. Reiki ne’er Harms. Reiki isn’t just for the sick; our whole planet desires Reiki energy: politics, education, economy, business, finance and every one fields of living.

Reiki, as we all know it nowadays, began within the early decennary. it’s recorded that through study, analysis and meditation a Japanese man, MikaoUsui, had associate degree expertise of direction that junction rectifier to the event of Reiki as a healing system. Usui devoted the remainder of his life to practising and teaching this art of living and healing.

Over time the system of Reiki healing developed by MikaoUsui has evolved, or been modified, by later lecturers. nowadays variety of various forms, or branches, of Reiki area unit practiced worldwide. a standard part of the many styles of Reiki could be a set of principles or precepts. whereas there area unit variations within the expression and interpretation of the precepts, they’re all supported the initial teachings of MikaoUsui.

"The true purpose of the Reiki methodology is to correct the heart-mind, keep the body match, and lead a cheerful life victimization the religious capabilities humans area unit endowed with since birth."

The 5 Precepts employed in Reiki are:

1. don’t become angry 
2. Worry regarding nothing 
3. categorical one’s feeling 
4. Be diligent in work 
5. Be kind to others